Documentation: Do you have yours?

I was at a new client site recently.  As is common in this day and age – their whole business relied on technology.  They had been in business for quite a long time already… but didn’t have any documentation on their network or servers.  Since the previous person was no longer available, I was left with a lot of work to do – before I could even get to work on the real issues!

No IT guy in the world can keep all the different client configurations in their head – and it certainly isn’t fair to the customer to be held hostage by their IT provider.  This is why one of the first things I do is collect all the information and put it into a booklet that can then be kept in a safe place on-site.  Every client is entitled to have this documentation as part of the services we offer.

I think every vendor,  IT or otherwise should include this as part of their service if they are professionals.



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